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Mackinac Island Horses – Many Names, Many Memories
by Candice C. Dunnigan

I have remembered these 200- plus names of Mackinac Island horses, present and past.

You can supply the memories. I know that even with this list, I’ve missed many a great one that you may remember from taxi ride, hourly, Mackinac Island Carriage Tours, dray, stable, school, or private horse. I am listing them for your consideration, from A to Z, and * denotes several with the same name. If you have names to add, please e-mail me via the Mackinac Island Town Crier. Enjoy.

A.Ace, Addy, Al, Andy*, Angel, Alex, Annie, Anton, Apollo, Archie, Autumn, Autumn Lady.

B.Babs, Babe, Banannas, Barley, Beau, Beaver, Ben*, Bert, Beth*, Betsy*, Bill*, Billy*, Blackberry, Blaze, Blue, Bo, Bob*, Brandy*, Buck*, Bud*, Buddy*, Buster.

C.Cajun, Captain, Casey*, Casper, Chablis, Champ, Charlie*, Chaucer, Charming, Chester, Chuckels, Cheyenne, Cindy, Cinnamon*, Ciri, Cisco, Clarence, Clyde, Coco, Cody, Colonel, Commnache, Commander, Cookie, Copper Penny, Cream.

What’s in a name? How many horses can you remember? What’s in a name? How many horses can you remember? D.Dakota, Dan*, Danny*, Dandy, Dandy Blue Lady, Dante, Dark, Dave, Dawn, Diesel, Dixie, Doc*, Dolly, Donny, Dingo, Drummond, Dublin, Duke*, Dusty*, Dylan, Dynamite.

E.Earl, Ed*, Eddie*, Eleanor, Ellie*, Emma*, Ernie, Eugene.

F.Fiona, Flint, Flo, Frisco, Freckles, Fred*, Freddy, Frost, Frosty.

G.Gal, George*, Geraldine, Geronimo, Gerry, Gillian, Ginger, Goldie, Grey, Gringo, Guinevere, Gwen, Gysbert.

H.Hagar, Hal, Haldimand’s Bay, Hank*, Harley, Henry*, Hercules, Holly, Hotfoot.

I.Ibn, Indigo, Image.

J.Jack*, Jackie, Jade, Jake*, Jamie, Jane*, Jenny, Jerry*, Jessie, Jester, Jim, Jimmy, Jo, Joe*, Johnny*, Joker, Jose, Josh, Joker, June, June Knight.

K.Kane, Katie, Killarney, King*.

L.Lacey, Lad, Laddie, Lady*, Lane, Lars (East-West), Lester, Leo, Lisa, Little John, Lucky, Lulu.

M.Mabel, Mac, Mack, Maggie, Mae, May, Marie, Martin, Maple, Marco, Martial, Matches, Max, McGreggor, McGyver, Meg, Meghan, Memphis, Mentor, Midge, Mickey, Mike*, Milt, Minnie, Mistral, Miss Muffet, Miss Montana, Misty*, Moe, Montague, Molly*.

N.Napoleon, Navajo, Ned, Nellie, Nicholas, Nicolet, Night, Nokoma, Norman, Nugget.

O.Oisin, Onyx, Oreo.

P.Pal, Pasha, Pearly, Peachy, Peanut, Peggy, Pepper*, Philipus, P.J., Pickles, Pixie, Polly, Poppy, Prince*, Princess, Pudge, Puzzle.

Q.Quest, Queen, Queenie, Quinn.

R.Randy, Ray, Reba, Red*, Reggie, Ringo, Robert, Robyn, Rockey, Rocket, Rolls, Rose*, Rosie*, Roy, Royce, Roxie, Roxy, Rusty*.

S.Sadie, Sailboat, Sal*, Sally*, Sam*, Scooter, Scotty, Scout*, Secret, Shadow, Shooter, Shorty, Smokey, Sonny*, Star*, Strider, Storm, Stormy, Sue, Sugar, Susie*, Sundance, Sweetie.

T.Taco, Taffy, Taison, Talbot, Ted*, Teddy*, Teg, Tenny, Tex, Tic-Tac, Timmy, Toby*, Tod, Todd*, Topaz, Tom*, Tommy, Tory, Trixie.



W.Waldo, Wally, Walter, Whisper, Willie*, Winn, Wyndago.



Z. Zeus.

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