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Is Line 5 Worth the Risk?

To the Editor:

Faith groups gathered this spring on the steps of the capitol in Lansing to call for a shutdown of Enbridge’s Line 5. Because we believe that all of humanity is called by God to love and care for all of creation, the issue of the danger of Pipeline 5 is of grave importance to the entire Great Lakes ecosystem and our communities.

There is a growing concern among many over the lack of adequate upkeep and questions about the necessity of continuing operation of Line 5.

Enbridge boasted they supply propane to 65% of the residents in the Upper Peninsula via Line 5. This raises an overriding concern about the high degree of dependence the U.P. has on Line 5 with no apparent backup plan if a sudden shutdown occurs due to equipment failure or worse yet, a rupture. The answer is not to continue repeating the mantra that Line 5 can never be shut down. We call for the implementation of alternatives for providing propane to the U.P. as quickly as possible.

Before a disaster occurs, we maintain here are straightforward alternatives that can be readily implemented, at a cost that is a small fraction of the proposal by Enbridge of building a tunnel under the Straits. They include:

• A new 4-inch pipeline to transport propane from Superior, Wisconsin to Rapid River, or

• 1 rail car per day to transport propane from Superior to Rapid River, or

• 3-4 tank trucks per day to transport propane from Superior to Rapid River, or

• Increasing the rail deliveries of propane to the existing facility at Kincheloe.

Many Michiganders continue to pray over this issue, and we stand with the majority of people who lovingly show compassion for this planet - our island home. We only have one.

Rt. Rev. Rayford Ray, Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan 

Gary Street, Chemical Engineer

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