2018-10-06 / News

Lighting Concerns at Mackinac House Resolved

After raising concerns about bothersome light on the new Mackinac House hotel on Market Street, neighbors Carole Erbel and Frank Shumway, who live on the bluff above the hotel, are satisfied that a new fixture won’t shine into their windows. Mackinac House owners Bob Benser and Andrew Doud installed a new light to illuminate the American flag on the roof, which is dim and points down the pole.

After the complaints were made earlier this summer, the Historic District Commission decided not to weigh in on the matter, but the planning commission is requiring the owners to submit a lighting plan for their files.

At the planning commission meeting Tuesday, September 11, Commission Chair Michael Straus noted the light was installed without the planning commission’s permission and he wanted it to be turned off until formally approved. Mr. Benser agreed to do whatever the commission decided, but noted the light is solar-powered and is difficult to access. Commissioner Anneke Myers thought the light could be left on, but suggested the owners bring a final lighting plan to the commission’s next meeting Tuesday, October 9, at 3 p.m. in City Hall. The rest of the commission agreed, and the matter was tabled until then.

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