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Vision of Community Foundation Leaders Improves Life for All

To the Editor:

As we the read the useful, and well presented, 2017 Annual Report for the Mackinac Island Community Foundation, memories flow.

We remember especially the vision of three Island leaders uncommonly committed to the enrichment of programs and services contributing to Island quality of life for everyone. Mayor Margaret Dowd, Amelia Musser, and Bob Traxler were the three founders of our now successful and valuable community foundation.

They surely deserve appreciation for their vision that our community foundation could become the kind of fulcrum Archimedes might have envisioned for a better future for Islanders, residents, workers, and visitors. What an extraordinary legacy they have created as models for others.

Gratitude also is due for the scores of subsequent trustees, staff, and volunteers who joined and followed the three founders, including of course the current board chair, George Goodman, executive director, Stephanie McGreevy, and the veteran trustee, Lorna Straus.

Having left the Island five years ago for family and health reasons, after 22 years there, Marsha and I still feel a strong, sometimes very emotional, sense of specialness and joy for our Island and its wonderful residents, and its unique Native American and more recent history. I use the word “our” here to reflect our ongoing feeling like virtual year-around residents. We all know that some experiences increase in value and appreciation after they become part of our past. Mackinac evokes such magic.

Thanks again to Margaret, Amelia, and Bob for helping to create the Island as it now is, and as it will become.

Chuk Kleber


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