Benjamin K. Pierce, commandant at Fort Mackinac in 1817, at an unknown location. Historian Brian Dunnigan said it’s likely that Captain Pierce was at the inaugural meeting of the Borough of Michilimackinac. He was the brother of 14th U.S. President Franklin Pierce and the son-in-law of Madame Magdelaine La Framboise, a successful fur trader and philanthropist of French and Native American descent. Capt. Pierce married Josette La Framboise in 1816 and helped build Madame La Framboise’s retirement home, which now operates as the Harbour View Inn. He also may have been involved in the 1816 building of the officers’ quarters at Fort Mackinac. He served 38 years in the U.S. military. Fort Pierce in Florida is named in his honor. 15p3.jpg

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