Maintaining Your Health on Mackinac

Peripheral Arterial Disease Affects Circulation in Legs, Feet

Peripheral arterial disease, commonly referred to as PAD, is a condition affecting blood circulation to the lower extremities, especially the legs and feet. Arteries carry blood pumped by the blood throughout the body. The arterial system has a smooth lining that provides optimal blood flow and prevents clotting. As arteriosclerosis sets in, hardening the walls of the arteries and fatty […]

Nature Notes

Fall Brings Pumpkins, Many Kinds of Fungus to Mackinac

By Patricia Martin It’s fall on Mackinac Island. There are all sorts of signals that the season has changed; boats are running less often, there are fewer people on the streets during the week, the leaves of the sugar maples and red oaks have changed color to yellow, orange, and red, not to mention the vine, Virginia creeper, has turned […]

October Is a Good Month To Catch Up With Horse Care

October is a good month for variety of things related to horses, both on and off Mackinac Island. Traditionally up here, it is the month when, by the last week of it, Mackinac becomes a ghost town, utterly devoid of the hundreds of equines that walked and trotted down its main streets. For the horses that remain, October has been […]


The season of autumn is displaying beautiful colors of red, gold, orange, and yellow against the green pine trees. I went for a ride with Buck and Alice Sharrow with their prancing horses, Charlie, Willie, Prince, and Lady. The view from Fort Holmes was breathtaking, with the blue Straits of Mackinac sparkling in the distance. Driving down Leslie Avenue and […]

A Month: ‘Somewhere in Time’ was October 1980 on the Island

A Look at History

This month, October 2010, marks the 30th anniversary of the public release of the movie “Somewhere in Time” by Universal Pictures, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t remember this event. I was in Boston at the time, living among college kids who were movie rats, and can testify that on the East Coast, this […]

Island Ferry Franchise Raises Questions About Timing, Transparency

To the Editor: I hope that the horse blinders have been removed enough to give a panoramic view of the real deal that is unfolding in the Island’s ferry franchise fiasco. Many great points have been made in the open meetings and letters from concerned residents of the straits area. This decision has impacts that send waves to many communities […]

Purchasing Ferry Dock Is Good for Island

To the Editor: As a lifelong Mackinac Island resident, property owner, voter, and business owner, I can no longer sit back and let “outsiders” determine the future of our Island. My father and grandmother were born and raised on the Island and my family has resided there for more than 130 years. My father, my brother, my sister, and I […]

‘Dirty Jobs’ Films Special Episode at Grand Hotel

Dirt, alligators, sewer pipes, sharks, and other grimy and icky stuff were nowhere to be found by the crew of the television show “Dirty Jobs” Friday morning, September 24. The staff that travels around the country holding cameras and following the show’s host, Mike Rowe, into unlikely spots was busy preparing to film the final episode of the season in […]

Island Musician, Painter John Manikoff Has New Album

John Manikoff is a musician and a painter. In July, he released his first album, which eventually will become a CD. For now, the songs can be found on the Internet at CDBaby, and just this week they were released on iTunes, including his locally popular song, “Take Me To Mackinac Island.” Mr. Manikoff learned to love Mackinac Island as […]

Island Historic District Commission Meets for First Time

Over the next few months, the city’s Historic District Commission will lay the groundwork that will serve the Island for years to come. Meeting for the first time Thursday, September 23, commissioners hit an early stumbling block with member Christopher Straus challenging the requirements of voting in person or by telephone. Appointed by Mayor Margaret Doud in mid-August, commissioners include […]